WPL 09 IKCS classic comfort set

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  • Comprising WPL 09 IKCS classic and SBB 301 WP DHW cylinder with internal indirect coil
  • Inverter air-water heat pump installed indoors for heating and cooling
  • Air connections to the side or rear of the appliance for neat installation in the utility room
  • Low energy spending through high efficiency (A++)
  • Operating noise barely audible from outside; further reduction possible with silent mode function
  • Quick to install thanks to high level of integration

Product details

WPL 09 IKCS classic comfort set
With the WPL 09 IKCS classic designed for indoor installation, STIEBEL ELTRON presents a system solution for the new build sector that is as elegant as it is efficient. The air inlet and outlet can be attached both to the side or rear for flexibility. This makes for ideal positioning with tidy connections in the chosen installation room of the building. Moreover, outdoor noise emission is reduced to a minimum by the structure of the air routing.

You want to have energy efficiency – not hear it.
Excellent sound insulation on the air routing means that the heat pump is barely audible even when space is tight. In silent mode, the WPL 09 IKCS classic is even quieter.