WPC 05

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  • 5.82 kW heating output at B0/W35
  • Compact appliance with heating and DHW heating functions
  • Increased efficiency through integral HE circulation pumps
  • Particularly convenient to install, as the refrigerant circuit and cylinder module can be removed for handing
  • With WPM 3 heat pump manager for convenient operation
  • Can be controlled via a home network
  • Exemplary efficiency for low energy costs
  • Space saving thanks to compact, highly integrated solution

Product details

The WPC brine|water heat pump is one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market. Its new design sets new standards, on the aesthetic as well as the technical front. Thanks to the appliance’s compact dimensions and split design, it is easy to install even where space is tight. As the 200 l DHW cylinder with internal indirect coil is already integrated, maximum heating convenience can be delivered on a minimal footprint. Space required is further reduced by the integration of the highly efficient circulation pumps and the WPM 3 heat pump manager for convenient control.
  • Type

    Product Number


    Output at B0/W35 (EN 14511)

    5.82 kW

    Coefficient of performance at B0/W35 (EN 14511)


    Technical data

    Energy efficiency class, heat pump W35


    Energy efficiency class, W55 heat pump


    Energy efficiency class, DHW heating, load profile L


    SCOP (EN 14825)


    Sound power level W35 (EN 12102)

    45 dB(A)

    Rated compressor voltage

    400 V

    Rated voltage, emergency/booster heater

    400 V

    Surface, indirect coil

    2,1 m²

    Rated capacity

    175 l


    1917 mm


    600 mm


    703 mm


    246 kg

    Technical data and product variants

    For further details and product variants please refer to data sheet.

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