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  • Compact air handling module for WPL 13/18/23 E
  • suitable for WPL and WPL cool
  • Circulation pump with energy efficiency rating A
  • Integral heat pump manager WPM 3
  • Pre-assembled thermally insulated air hoses included in the pack.
  • Safety assembly packed separately
  • Option for PV on-site power consumption with suitable heat generators

Product details

The compact air handling module enables easy, neat connection of the air ducts to the external walls. The buffer cylinder, DHW primary pump and heat pump manager are already integrated and pre-installed. The module is supplied with safety assembly and flexible pipes as anti-vibration fittings for the heating circuit. The WPIC module comprises all casing parts required for an internally installed heat pump.  An emergency/booster heater is integrated into the module.
  • Type

    Product Number



    800 mm


    637 mm


    1240 mm

    Technical data


    80 kg

    External available pressure differential at 1.0 m³/h

    681 hPa

    External available pressure differential at 1.4 m³/h

    610 hPa

    External available pressure differential at 2 m³/h

    454 hPa

    Rated control voltage

    230 V

    Connection on the heating system side

    G 1 1/14

    Diameter, air hose

    560 mm



    The required AWG 560 wall outlets are available in horizontal or vertical form and as light shaft versions. AWG 560 H-SR (233837), AWG 560 V-SR (233838), AWG 560 L (231041)

    Technical data and product variants

    For further details and product variants please refer to data sheet.

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